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Patient Alignment Matters

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the client

Dr. Barbara James has been a chiropractor helping clients for over 30 years in Kelowna, BC. She began her career by practicing alongside Dr. Robert Young, a Canadian chiropractor who pioneered a unique adjustment technique called Micro Alignment Therapy. Dr. James created Patient Alignment Matters to share the Micro Alignment Therapy techniques with fellow chiropractors.

what they needed

Dr. James came to Vigilante Marketing because she wanted to create a brand and website to showcase her Micro Alignment Therapy courses. She had a site for her practice that customers could access but did not have a specific place that fellow chiropractors could visit to expand their learning. The only online presence that Patient Alignment Matters had was a landing page that was very content-heavy, confusing for users to navigate, and did not offer the courses to be taken directly on the website.

what we did

The VM team and Dr. James worked together to re-create and re-invent the Patient Alignment Matters brand and online presence. We utilized her existing content from the landing page site and mapped it out to build a fully functional e-learning website.

Tina Raposo, the lead designer, used the existing business logo and developed the design around it. She applied bright blues and yellows to bring vibrancy to the design and images, highlighting positive, hands-on interactions between practitioners and patients. The colors and images she chose also ensure that the site is kept from feeling cold and clinical.

Peter Vigilante, the lead developer, built the e-learning platform using the Sensei plugin with the e-commerce handled through the WooCommerce platform. Creating a more substantial, user-friendly online presence for Dr. James to showcase her patient-centered courses to her fellow chiropractic practitioners.

Vigilante MarketingVigilante Marketing

Tina RaposoTina Raposo

Peter VigilantePeter Vigilante

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