the client

Hollyhock is a retreat center that operates as a registered not-for-profit charity. Their core mission is to facilitate positive change in society and the culture at large through their wellness and leadership programs. They offer a unique Leadership Institute designed to empower individuals by providing them with the necessary skills and tools to effect change in their organizations and drive their missions forward. At Hollyhock, they believe in the power of personal and professional development to cultivate a new generation of leaders committed to creating a better world.

what they needed

The Hollyhock team approached Emily Chow Marketing (ECM) with a need to revamp their online presence. They recognized that their current website needed to communicate their organization’s progressive values more effectively, and they wanted to find a way to better showcase the work of their partners and supporters in the community.

In order to align their online presence with their ambitious goals and values, Hollyhock needed a website and brand that were visually stunning and easy to navigate and communicate their mission, vision, and values. As a result, VM was brought on board to develop a website that reflected Hollyhock’s objectives and helped them stand out in the industry.

what we did

Vigilante Marketing was the lead web development agency for Holly Hock’s website redesign project in partnership with Emily Chow Marketing (ECM). Our team was responsible for building the visually stunning website design created by ECM’s in-house designers in collaboration with Brandzuzu. We used cutting-edge development techniques to bring the unique and personalized design elements inspired by the rugged landscape of Holly Hock’s Cortes Island campus to life.

Vigilante Marketing’s development team, led by Peter Vigilante, David Fenoulhet, and Ben Wilson, was responsible for bringing the website design to life. They utilized state-of-the-art development techniques to create a website that was not only visually stunning but also functional and user-friendly.

One of the website’s key features is the integration with Retreat Guru, which allows users to book and schedule events on the website easily. The development team also built a custom leadership program management system to streamline the program registration process for Holly Hock.

The design was unlike anything the Vigilante Marketing team had attempted before, requiring extensive custom development within WordPress. The unique design elements and customized features added an enormous amount of extra time to the development process, and it took the efforts of three developers to complete. Despite the challenges, the team delivered a website that exceeded the client’s expectations and truly stands out in the industry.

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