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Elisabeth creates a happy, safe and highly rewarding environment for puppies and dogs to learn quickly and efficiently in a caring and playful atmosphere.

Elisabeth works with your dog’s inherent talents and preferences to capture and offer the good behaviors you’d like them to display, while providing tangible solutions to eliminate your dog’s less desirable actions. With precise and insightful direction, she empowers guardians to communicate easily and effectively, enabling them to form and maintain a deep and meaningful bond with their dogs.

what we did


increase in traffic


We took a look at their website and found that there were many problems with it: duplicate content, pages missing titles or descriptions, broken links, and toxic links from other sites that could harm their rankings. We also noticed several issues with the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

Our team audited their website and made recommendations for fixing these issues. We implemented changes to optimize the site for search engines, including adding title tags and descriptions to all images, fixing broken links, fixing page meta titles and descriptions, disavowing toxic links, and more.

SEO efforts have generated an increase in DogRelations NYC’s impressions by double, showing what they have to offer to more potential customers. It also increased their clicks by double.

We also performed UI, and UX audits on the website, which made it more engaging and easier to navigate; this resulted in improved page views by 78.2% as well as an increase in user engagement rate to 97%


Katie Neudecker, the VM Marketing Manager, completed keyword and competitor analysis to position Google Ads in front of the people most likely to be looking for what DogRelations NYC provides. Since then, the ads have seen monthly average increases in clicks, impressions, and conversions. The most noticeable improvements were impressions by 88,000 and clicks by 1,130.

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