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QuickPanel’s website showcased our commitment to innovative web design and development. Today, this project has merged with FastPlank and EasyTrim within the Engage Building Products website, a testament to our evolving partnership. For more details on this unified digital experience, check out our Engage Building Products Portfolio Page.


Engage Building Products is the parent company to EasyTrim, FastPlank, and QuickPanel subsidiaries. Their motto is to create and support products that solve common problems in construction, saving time and money for homeowners and contractors alike. They offer a complete lineup of cladding and trim systems, each designed to be compatible with most manufacturers’ products. All of their products are manufactured in North America, and they pride themselves on building solid relationships with their customers.

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Toria Maxwell, from Maxxwel Marketing, came to Vigilante Marketing requesting assistance with developing three separate yet unified websites for Engage Building Products subsidiaries. Their previous sites for EasyTrim, FastPlank, and QuickPanel were all on different platforms without a cohesive design to ensure customers understood that they all belonged to the Engaged family of products.

what we did


Toria Maxwell (Maxxwel Marketing) was the project manager and content strategist. She re-worked the client’s previous EasyTrim site content to suit the brand refresh better, and interconnection between the three Engage products.

Vanessa Rusu, from Vanessa Rusu Digital Studio, created the design for EasyTrim, FastPlank, and QuickPanel websites. She used a different prominent color for each site to represent a cohesive nature theme, with EasyTrim’s primary color being green to constitute grass. In addition, she added similar call-to-action buttons to display consistency across all three companies.

Peter Vigilante, lead developed for Vigilante Marketing, built EasyTrim, FastPlank, and QuickPanel websites using the WordPress multi-site platform. This ensures they can all be easily managed by employees through a single dashboard. He also made a simplified system for client resources. Clients can now add many resources for salespeople to access, and they can download any necessary documents or files they might require for their installations.

Please visit our portfolio pages for QuickPanel and FastPlank to see how these three websites are now cohesively designed and built to represent the Engage Building Products brand better.

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By first conducting an in-depth SEO audit and analysis, the VM Marketing team discovered potential errors that had become detrimental to their overall SEO health. They then worked on correcting those issues, which included confirming all H1 headers, meta titles, and meta descriptions were present and up to standard, redirecting or removing broken pages, adding keywords where necessary, and completing multiple UI updates. From the continual corrections and fixes, users, sessions, and page views increased an average of 77%, while impressions rose by 10,000.

In addition to conducting backend and on-page SEO tactics, Katie Neudecker researched and wrote multiple blogs on the client’s website. She utilized the keyword and competitor analysis mentioned previously to create topics and content that benefit SEO and draws people’s attention to visit and explore the site and products.


When she took over their management, Katie Neudecker, the VM Marketing Manager, did a complete overhaul of the client’s Google Ads. Since then, Canadian ads have seen monthly average increases in clicks, impressions, conversions, and cost-per-clicks rates. The most noticeable improvements were clicks at 244% increase and conversions at 8. The American ads have also seen monthly average increases, their most notable improvements were a 15.5 conversion increase

Katie delivered these ongoing results by completing in-depth competitor and keyword analysis, checking weekly to ensure keywords and headlines weren’t missing or needing to be updated, adding beneficial extensions, and using tactical bid adjustments.

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