the client

Clarius Mobile Health was born out of a passion for developing technology to improve diagnostic capabilities for clinicians worldwide. They’ve teamed up with clinical experts to create portable diagnostics devices that deliver high-quality images and offer users easy-to-use interfaces.

Since selling their first wireless handheld ultrasound scanner in December 2016, more than 20,000 clinicians have used Clarius for more than a half-million scans. Their next-generation product is even smaller and offers a better performance thanks to feedback from their customers and advancing technology.

what they needed

When the Clarius team came to us, they had a reasonably rudimentary website that couldn’t handle the sheer scope of what their worldwide clientele needed. They needed a site that could not only manage massive amounts of information but could interconnect and coordinate that content with their products. This included associating specific data with classrooms, webinars, client testimonials/videos, events, and healthcare solutions to create an extremely dynamic and self-sustainable website. Unfortunately, their previous online presence had a dated design that didn’t translate the direction they were taking their brand and could not facilitate all of the content they needed to display to the public.

what we did

To begin the Clarius project, a VM designer, Tina, created an initial design concept used as a baseline by another design agency previously contracted by the client to encapsulate the overall brand and necessary functionality. The other agency utilized some of Tina’s graphical styles and brand elements in this design partnership.

Next, our VM developer, Peter, built a robust and advanced interface in the backend of the eCommerce website to allow Clarius team members to add a multitude of content that could easily be interconnected into all of their products and services. In addition, this functionality gave the client the ability to relate products to each testimonial, healthcare sector, classroom, webinar, event, and more. The built-in automation of this operation allows content to be added once and distributed automatically across the entire site. In addition, Peter developed an exuberant amount of custom coding to create the content interconnection and advanced displays of the custom data. Overall, the VM team created a website that can easily handle over 1200 different content pieces and keep those pieces well organized, categorized, and manageable by the Clarius team. Including making the site translatable into seven other languages that each incorporate their unique pricing and feature sets.

Vigilante MarketingVigilante Marketing

Tina RaposoTina Raposo

Peter VigilantePeter Vigilante

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Genèse Castonguay - VP Marketing
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Phone: +1 (866) 657-9243 ext. 221
Direct:+1 (604) 260-7077

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