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Our Website Services

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It can be overwhelming balancing all the different aspects of running a business and we’re here to help. We understand that your website isn’t finished as soon as it’s launched. That’s why we pride ourselves on building strong client relationships so we can be there for any and all changes or improvements after rollout.

Whether you need a photo changed or a new page added or edited, we’ll take care of it. We offer full web support including revisions, email, SEO and hosting. Leaving you with more time and freedom to concentrate on your business.

Get Peace of Mind

What you get

Managed WordPress Updates

WordPress releases period updates to its core. Updating blindly, could lead to sites breaking. We test an update first, ensure everything is working, then update your site.

Managed Plugin & Theme Updates

Similar to the WordPress Core, updating themes and plugins blindly could lead to some features on your site not working. We test everything, and only then proceed to update.

WooCommerce Support

Running a WordPress eCommerce Shop powered by WooCommerce? We can help you optimize it, answer your questions on every functionality. Help you in adding/removing products or customizing features.

Abandoned/Orphan Plugin Detection

Often times, a plugin developer will stop developing their plugin. If your site continues to use these, it may lead to issues as WordPress updates. We help you find updated replacements and implement them on your site.

24/7 Security Monitoring (Defender Pro)

WordPress powers half the internet. So it’s no surprise that it’s also the most hacked web software out there. We continuously monitor your sites using Defender Pro.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Sites and servers can go down. And this impacts business. Our systems will continuously monitor your site and notifies us the moment it goes down.

12 Hour Resolution

We have a record of closing almost all tickets within 12 hours. That is from your first email to resolution. So far it remains unbroken.

Zero Technical Knowledge

Leave the technical nitty-gritties to us. We’ll help you understand what is going on. We’ll explain issues and answer questions as they come.

Wordpress Security

We’ll consistently monitor your site 24/7 – if we see a hack attack, files missing, or new files added – we’ll inform you and fix things before they can break your site.

Cloud Backups

We’ll backup your site to the cloud in a secure location. If your server crashes, gets hacked or for any other emergency – we’ll restore your backup at no cost to you.

Speed Optimization

A fast loading site translates to more business and higher rankings in Google. Our experts will begin optimizing your site to make it load as fast as possible.

Your Personal Team

We provide personalized Services. Just submit your request. A CSS fix, uploading content to your site, fixing responsiveness – we’ll get it done.

Ready To Transfer All Your WordPress Worries To Us?

Whether you need a photo changed or a new page added or edited, we’ll take care of it.