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Engage Building Products, established by CEO Josh Singh in 2009, has rapidly become a leader in the building materials industry with a mission to empower client success through collaboration and innovation. Originating with EasyTrim Reveals® to address the need for high-quality exterior cladding solutions, Engage has since expanded its offerings to include FastPlank and QuickPanel, making it a one-stop-shop for durable, aesthetically pleasing building materials.

The company prides itself on smart materials and innovative design, holding over 300 patents for its sustainable, recyclable exterior building systems. These solutions not only enhance building aesthetics but also simplify installation processes and improve construction timelines. Engage is committed to sustainability, actively participating in initiatives like the AIA 2023 Challenge, LEED, and the Living Building Challenge to promote energy-efficient, low-carbon projects.

At the heart of Engage Building Products is a dedication to unparalleled client support, ensuring each project from planning to construction is met with expert advice, detailed planning assistance, and direct problem-solving. This approach has positioned Engage as a trusted partner in the industry, known for its collaborative spirit and commitment to pushing the boundaries of building design and construction.

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Engage Building Products approached Vigilante Marketing with a clear and focused need: the integration of their separate product websites into one unified digital presence. This requirement emerged from their strategic vision to enhance the accessibility and coherence of their online information, making it easier for salespeople and customers to navigate and comprehend the full scope of their product offerings. Engage identified the necessity for a platform that could not only amalgamate the content from EasyTrim, FastPlank, and QuickPanel but also present it in a way that reflected the brand’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service.

The decision to consolidate these sites was driven by a desire to improve user experience, streamline content management, and bolster their marketing efforts with a cohesive digital strategy. Having worked with Vigilante Marketing on the development and design of the original product-specific websites, Engage Building Products was confident in our ability to understand and execute their vision for a singular, integrated web presence. The project was not just about technical integration; it was about creating a digital platform that could serve as a cornerstone for their marketing, sales, and customer engagement strategies moving forward.

what we did

What We Did

At Vigilante Marketing, we embarked on the transformative project for Engage Building Products with a comprehensive strategy that seamlessly merged technical innovation with creative design. Our approach was tailored to not only meet but exceed the expectations set forth by Engage Building Products, leveraging our deep understanding of their brand and the trust they placed in us to propel their digital presence forward.

Design Excellence:

  1. Collaboration with RED’s Branding: Our design team worked closely with RED’s new branding guidelines to create a site that reflects Engage Building Products’ innovative spirit. The design integrates three-dimensional cubes, hex shapes, and cut corners, embodying the company’s forward-thinking approach to building solutions.
  2. Modern UI Elements: The website features a modern user interface design, characterized by clean floating boxes and blur effects. The design is predominantly monochromatic, with strategic use of Engage’s brand red to highlight key information and guide the user’s journey through the site.
  3. Focus on Aesthetics and Usability: The design philosophy was centered on creating a visually appealing and highly functional digital environment. By employing a light and clean design ethos, we ensured that the website not only resonated with Engage Building Products’ brand identity but also facilitated an engaging and intuitive user experience.

Development Innovations:

  1. Custom Permalink Structure: We developed an advanced permalink structure tailored to Engage Building Products’ specific needs. This approach ensured optimal content clustering for search engine optimization, making each product type easily discoverable and enhancing the site’s overall SEO performance.
  2. Dealer and Sales Rep Maps: Recognizing the importance of an intuitive, user-friendly dealer locator, we engineered a custom system that integrates existing WordPress posts with Google Maps. This innovation eliminated the need for multiple plugins and empowered the Engage team to update their maps autonomously, streamlining the process of adding new dealers and sales representatives.
  3. Data Privacy Enhancements: To safeguard the privacy of sales representatives, a novel hashing function was created. This function obscures email addresses and phone numbers from bots and web scrapers, revealing contact information only to genuine users. This ensures that communication remains secure, protecting against unauthorized data collection.
  4. Enhanced Search Functionality: Utilizing SearchWP, we implemented an algorithm-based search feature for key resource areas of the website, such as the Project Library, Learning Center, and Resources. This allowed users to conduct searches within specific sections, avoiding the disruption of being redirected to a generic search page and enhancing the user experience.

Through this comprehensive and collaborative effort, Vigilante Marketing delivered a unified website that not only serves as a testament to Engage Building Products’ trust in our capabilities but also as a beacon of our commitment to excellence in both development and design. Our work extended beyond website creation, encompassing a holistic approach to digital marketing strategies that further solidified Engage Building Products’ position as a leader in the building materials industry.

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