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Based out of Kelowna, BC, James Alton Films produce the highest quality films. Their professional filmmakers have been creating award-winning documentaries, short films, and commercials for years. They bring passion and creativity to every project, from conceptualizing story ideas, finding locations, and working with talent, to monitoring production costs and delivering finished products on time.

what they needed

The previous James Alton Films website was dated and essentially unoriginal. It lacked the design aesthetic or branding to truly define it as its own unique thing. This was especially noticeable in project pages, where there was no real way to distinguish each film as the individual piece of art that it was. It felt like an afterthought in terms of design and content and needed a fresh start to truly highlight this fantastic business.

what we did

James Alton began by having an outside agency create a brand package that our designer, David Fenoulhet, could utilize when developing the new site design. David was tasked with creating a video-driven website that would properly showcase the many films, documentaries, commercials, and other video media James’ company had made over the years. In the design, full-screen blocks were utilized so that full-screen viewing allowed users the best look at James’ keen eye for cinematography. On the site images, a subtle film texture was placed over them, and a dark background was used throughout most of the site to reflect being in a movie theatre and to make the videos and images “pop” off the screen.

As well as being the lead designer on this project, David was the primary developer. He built a standardized portfolio page for each video which James & his team could easily use to neatly organize the cast & crew, genres, production notes, synopsis, and behind the features information for each project. David also developed a black and white tile layout to get users interested in viewing other videos on the site – with the individual tiles becoming coloured and playing a short video clip once hovered over.

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David FenoulhetDavid Fenoulhet

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