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the client

Since 1990, Stenberg College has been giving students the tools and education they need to become successful within the health care and human services industries. Their main campus is located in Surrey, British Columbia, a suburb of the beautiful City of Vancouver. They are accredited by the B.C. government’s Ministry of Advanced Education through the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). They have received the B.C. government’s Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation, as well as being authorized by EduCanada, the official Government of Canada resource for international students. They offer amazing opportunities for international students to come to Canada to study and the majority of their programs provide post-graduation pathway credits to the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Yorkville University.

what they needed

When Stenberg College reached out to Vigilante Marketing, they were initially interested in just creating a landing page to appeal to international students from countries such as India, the Philippines, Mexico, etc. They were struggling to capture a piece of the international student demographic and needed a way to attract those prospective graduates.

what we did


We delivered the landing page they requested using the VM WordPress platform. Once the director, stakeholders, and board members at the college saw what we were able to achieve, they decided to move forward with a new site design and build dedicated fully to attracting international students. We worked in collaboration with Emily Chow Marketing for project management and site content and Tina from Brandzuz for the site design. Peter, from VM, was tasked with building this large-scale website and creating tools that the Stenberg College staff could utilize in the future to create pages and connect content throughout the site. We revealed the past website stats to the client which indicated a very high bounce rate. Our design was able to prove to them that every page of the new site could be a landing page leading to a decreased bounce rate and an increased conversion rate. Our team produced a design with brand new colors to create a fresh, youthful look with photography to highlight the vibrancy and diversity of the college. The layout was devised in a way to ensure information such as program pathways and testimonials are easily accessible to prospective international students. Every page includes an “Ask an Advisor” pop-up and cool swirl motifs that bring life and motion to the website. Overall, the president, stakeholders, and board members were impressed with the direction the VM team and their collaborators were able to take the new and improved Stenberg International College site in!

increase in traffic


Since taking over the management of Stenberg College’s SEO efforts, the VM marketing team has increased their clicks and impressions by more than 235%, as well as moving their average position up by four spots. In addition, Stenberg’s users have increased by 17%, with sessions being 14.7% higher than when we first took over.

This was accomplished by managing meta tags and descriptions, broken links, as well as headers on both their domestic and international sites. Latifa Ibrahim managed all title tags on images throughout both sites, too, and she is also diligent at disavowing toxic links that link to Stenberg College.


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