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Centre for Arts and Technology

The Client

The Centre for Arts and Technology is a creative college located in Kelowna, BC at the Landmark Centre. It is one of Canada’s leading schools in digital arts and technical training. Its foundation was built over 30 years ago by experts in both media training and educational excellence.

Today, they are known in multiple industries as the school that continually graduates successful students in filmmaking, audio engineering, animation, interior design, digital music production, graphic & web design, photography, network administration, and network security.

What They Needed

When the school reached out to us for assistance, they had a website that had a very high drop-off rate on all of its subpages and a low follow-through from the homepage. We discovered that their site was unable to draw users in due to incoherent flows from page to page. Visitors found it difficult to locate simple information such as student financing or pathway programs and the current student’s work was not displayed in a way that would draw prospective students in.

What We Did

We worked in collaboration with Emily Chow Marketing and Centre for Arts and Technology’s internal designer, Janell Alm, to create a modern website that connects with a new generation of students. A more colorful design was used to really capture the school’s energy, and we ensured every page was treated as a landing page to increase user retention. This guaranteed that a user was delivered all information they could need no matter what page they landed on. We were able to evolve the traditional site into a more contemporary tone by using vibrant colors, large fonts, and bold use of photos. By working closely with Janell Alm the Vigilante Marketing developer, Peter Vigilante, could build a site structure to showcase all of these fantastic new elements. The Centre of Arts and Technology stakeholders are excited to embrace this new direction after seeing the potential for how this unique site can make them stand out as a school that houses and successfully graduates talented creatives.

This project was a collaboration with:

Emily Chow Marketing+Janell Alm

Publisher Vigilante Marketing

Designer Janell Alm

Developer Peter Vigilante

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