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David Fenoulhet


David is a lifelong lover of the arts. A passion he didn’t follow into a career until later in life. Originally enlisting in the Canadian Army at seventeen, David went to the Royal Military College of Canada, earning a Bachelor’s of Civil Engineering in 2010. From there, he went on to become a combat engineering officer and was awarded his jump wings, the US Army Ranger Tab, and the Southwest Asia Campaign medal for his deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan in 2013. Throughout his time in uniform, he continued to draw and create whenever he had a spare moment. Ready to tackle new challenges, he went back to school and learned the latest creative programs and graduated with a diploma in Graphic & Web Design. David understands the impact a strong, clear design can have on a company’s bottom line. He also believes art is therapeutic for people from all walks of life and volunteers his design skills at the Cool Arts Society in his spare time. He is now very grateful for the opportunity to transform his passions into a fulfilling career and live in the Okanagan with his wife, Megan.

Dave has climbed seven of the 11,000ft mountains in the Canadian Rockies.


David has a french bulldog / boston terrier cross named Frankie who is obsessed with apples. He can hear its distinctive crunch with his giant ears from a mile away. If he’s not running around like a frantic maniac in the park, then he’s probably cuddling up to someone on the couch. On and off are his two settings.


Outside of designing, you might find Dave reading a book, sketching, hitting the trails on his mountain bike, playing board games, watering his plants, or flipping through albums at the local record shop.

favourite movie

The Shawshank Redemption

favourite quote

"Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why."
- Kurt Vonnegut; Slaughterhouse Five

David Fenoulhet

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