the client

Located in Victoria, BC, Edison College is a premier institution with a rich history of nurturing talent and inspiring success. Established in 1973 as the Northwest Coast Institute of Arts and later known as Victoria College of Art, the college has evolved into Edison College Canada, expanding its curriculum to include in-demand programs across Fine Arts, Health Sciences, and Business sectors. Celebrating over 50 years of educational excellence, Edison College is dedicated to providing industry-relevant training that empowers graduates to excel in their careers. The college stands out for its commitment to offering a transformative educational experience in a supportive and inclusive environment, focusing on making education accessible and affordable for all students​.

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what they needed

Edison College was searching for a professional and functional website to attract more students to their programs in Victoria, BC. The previous website suffered from inconsistent design and poor navigation, which did not meet the expectations of young, budding professionals. The college required a website that enhanced usability and functionality and allowed for easy updates and additions of new programs, resources, news, and events, all aimed at generating real leads. Additionally, they needed a design that would facilitate student navigation through various sales funnels, address common questions, and foster a sense of pride in the school’s branding and merchandise.

what we did

Our team at Vigilante Marketing, led by designer David F. and developer Brian, completely overhauled the Edison College website to meet these complex needs. We implemented a fresh design with a new site map and hierarchy, significantly improving navigation and user experience. A flexible yet consistent template system was developed to showcase the college’s diverse programs across Health Sciences, Arts, and Business schools. This system allows for easy updates by the client, ensuring that each program is consistently presented and easy to compare. We also introduced a user-friendly backend system enabling the college to add new programs and resources independently. Additionally, the new website features clear, consistent calls to action on each page, guiding users to interact with the college, from booking meetings with advisors to attending ‘student for the day’ events, thus driving leads to school administrators.

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