the client

CityHUNT brings fun back into the corporate world, transforming the mundane into an exhilarating adventure. Starting in 2001, they had the simple idea of starting a scavenger hunt pub crawl. Yet when CityHUNT realized the massive potential of gamification in revitalizing the workplace, they made some big changes. CityHUNT has transcended their original mission of team-building and become a movement of isolation eradication. They foster mindfulness, happiness, and profound social connections through team building exercises like scavenger hunts. Their methodology is inspired by groundbreaking research from institutions like Stanford and Harvard, which ensures that all of their scavenger hunts are entertaining but also deeply rooted in scientific principles.

what they needed

CityHUNT came to us with the desire for an updated platform that would resonate with their progressive ethos while enhancing user engagement and accessibility. They needed to reimagine their website and shed its outdated 1990s design in exchange for a contemporary, user-friendly digital presence. CityHUNT had clear requirements for their new website: a modern design, searchable city page to help users easily locate their desired scavenger hunt, and strategic redirects to maintain their SEO rankings. This brand also requested that our team enhance the form functionality on their site using custom, conditional logic in their Hubspot, and a map system on city pages to accurately show event locations. These changes would refresh their online presence and make the user’s planning experience intuitive and easy.

what we did

Our team was tasked with redesigning CityHUNT’s website to enhance the user experience and elevate their digital presence to communicate their innovative ethos. We used a sleek, contemporary design to visually transform their site, and infused it with the vitality and engagement that CityHUNT embodies. Understanding the importance of maintaining this brand’s SEO rankings, we used strategic redirects to ensure a seamless transition without losing their valuable digital footprint. Our team developed an intuitive search feature on city pages, allowing users to quickly find the scavenger hunts available in their city, thus enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. We upgraded their form functionality with custom, conditional logic, allowing for a more dynamic user interaction while ensuring seamless integration with CityHUNT’s Hubspot platform. To aid in the planning and execution of CityHUNT’s events, we introduced dynamic maps on city pages, providing users with clear, interactive visualizations of event locations.

Through these enhancements, we empowered CityHUNT to not only maintain their pioneering edge in team-building experiences but also to offer their users a more engaging, intuitive, and fulfilling digital journey.


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