the client

Ocean 6 stands as a premier wealth advisory firm, dedicated to elevating the financial landscape for Canadian business owners. At the core of their expertise, every advisor at Ocean 6 holds the esteemed Certified Financial Planner designation. This team of skilled professionals specializes in optimizing wealth for their clientele, ensuring that each business owner reaps the maximum benefits from their financial assets. Ocean 6’s commitment to excellence and personalized service positions them as a beacon in the realm of wealth management, catering to those who seek a strategic partner in their financial journey.

what they needed

When Ocean 6 approached us, their vision was clear: they wanted a website that not only communicated their high-end, exclusive financial services but also resonated with the WOW factor they embody. Their requirement was not just a digital presence, but an online platform that mirrored the sophistication and exclusivity of their wealth advisory services. They needed a website that spoke directly to the discerning Canadian business owner, showcasing the unparalleled expertise and bespoke financial solutions that Ocean 6 offers.

what we did

In our collaboration with Ocean 6, our mission was to create a website that embodied the essence of their high-end, exclusive financial services, and we achieved this by introducing a range of dynamic and modern design elements. First, we implemented captivating video banners at the forefront of the site, immediately engaging visitors and setting the stage for an immersive digital experience. To enhance user interaction, we introduced animated ripple effects on buttons, adding a subtle, yet sophisticated touch to the site’s functionality. We also employed floating parallax effects on various items, creating a sense of depth and movement that brings the website to life. The overall design follows a sleek, dark, and modern style, meticulously aligned with Ocean 6’s branding guide. This not only solidifies their brand identity but also offers an engaging and intuitive layout for users. Our approach was to ensure that every aspect of the website reflects the excellence and exclusivity of Ocean 6’s services, making their digital presence a true representation of their leadership in wealth advisory for Canadian business owners.

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