the client

Carbon Excellence is a forward-thinking organization providing customized corporate sustainability strategies demonstrating a tangible commitment to environmental stewardship. Their comprehensive approach addresses the planet’s well-being and helps clients save money, optimize processes, and make informed business decisions.

Their services encompass measurement, simplification, education, and sustainable solutions to ensure organizations effectively reduce carbon emissions and satisfy stakeholder requirements. Carbon Excellence’s unique approach focuses on engaging the entire organization, unlocking the potential of each employee, and leveraging the collective power of a united workforce working towards a common goal.

By prioritizing quality over quantity and emphasizing continuous improvement, Carbon Excellence works closely with companies to achieve long-lasting, sustainable results. They are dedicated to fostering a transparent community that shares knowledge and learns from one another, ultimately driving progress in corporate sustainability and environmental responsibility.

what they needed

Carbon Excellence needed a website revamp to improve the visual appeal and functionality of their online presence and empower them to manage and update the site independently. They were looking for an efficient solution that would allow them to make the transition smoothly while maintaining their existing content and structure. In addition, the new website needed to be user-friendly, allowing the Carbon Excellence team to manage the backend without any technical barriers efficiently.

what we did

To meet Carbon Excellence’s needs, we rebuilt their old website using one of our pre-designed themes of their choosing. This approach provided them with an aesthetically appealing and functional website while streamlining the transition from their previous site. In addition, the new WordPress-based site made it significantly more accessible for clients to manage and update content independently, giving them more control and flexibility over their online presence.

By leveraging our pre-designed solutions, we ensured a smooth and efficient website revamp process for Carbon Excellence. The result was a visually engaging, user-friendly site that effectively showcased their services and empowered them to maintain their online presence independently.

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