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Creative Okanagan is a cornerstone of the Central Okanagan’s music and performing arts scene. Founded in 2012, their vision is to cultivate a thriving, inclusive, and valued music scene. Through their mission, Creative Okanagan aims to fortify the music ecosystem by facilitating accessible music experiences that cater to audiences, artists, and stakeholders alike. As a vibrant contributor to the performing arts sector, Creative Okanagan has dedicated itself to enhancing the community’s cultural landscape, making significant strides towards building a stronger, more connected music community.

what they needed

Creative Okanagan approached us with the need for a revitalized online presence that could more effectively broadcast their events, announcements, and the comprehensive data they had amassed on music venues throughout the Okanagan. Their goal was to provide a valuable resource for musical acts seeking booking opportunities. The organization sought an updated, modern website design that mirrored the fun, artistic essence of their work. Additionally, they needed to rectify issues with their previous website, which suffered from broken functionalities such as non-operational forms and a missing footer. Moreover, Creative Okanagan was keen on enhancing their membership service, enabling artists and community supporters to foster stronger connections and access exclusive content.

what we did

To meet Creative Okanagan’s needs, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign of their website, starting with the development of a new sitemap to enhance user navigation and organization of the myriad resources offered by the non-profit organization. Our team implemented several key functionalities to streamline Creative Okanagan’s operations and enhance user engagement:

  • E-commerce Integration: We introduced the ability to manage memberships with ease, allowing for payment processing and automatic membership management, significantly streamlining the process.
  • Events Platform: A dedicated section was created to highlight the various concerts and musical events that Creative Okanagan plays a role in organizing, providing a dynamic showcase of local talent.
  • Musical Venue Database: To support the live music scene, we developed a database for music venues, promoting establishments that offer spaces for live performances, featured prominently in a Castanet article for its utility and innovation.
  • Social Media Component: Recognizing the importance of community, we implemented a social media feature enabling members to create profiles, connect with others in the local music scene, and access member-only content, thereby promoting a sense of belonging and support among artists and music enthusiasts.
  • Design Innovations: Our design approach integrated the vibrant colors of Creative Okanagan’s brand, incorporating patterns and playful elements to reflect the organization’s creative spirit. Parallaxing images and dynamic elements were employed to add visual interest and engage visitors.

Through these enhancements, the new website not only resolves the previous site’s technical issues but also offers a platform that truly represents Creative Okanagan’s mission and vision. The improved site functionality, coupled with a modern, engaging design, provides Creative Okanagan with a powerful tool to promote their events, showcase local talent, and support their business partners and sponsors, paving the way for increased revenue and further growth of the Central Okanagan’s music scene.

David FenoulhetDavid Fenoulhet

Brian LooneyBrian Looney

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