the client is a job site for those in the mineral exploration industry. It is specifically designed for professionals who do line cutting, pad building, core cutting, diamond drilling, or pulling wire on a geophysics crew. The site was created by Brian Doubt, who recognized the need for a dedicated job platform for this specific field. In the beginning, Brian had the idea to create a job site but had limited funds. However, he raised enough money to build the website with the support of many in the industry who also saw the need for such a platform. The website was completed and launched at Round-Up 2004 and was a great success for several years, helping thousands of people find work and workers through the platform.

However, as the internet evolved and the industry went through a downturn, the website fell into obsolescence and was eventually shut down. But Brian never gave up on his dream, and over the years, he has been working on updating, re-imagining, and re-launching, and now it has finally happened. Today, is back and better than ever, providing a dedicated and reliable platform for those in the mineral exploration industry to find job opportunities and workers.

what they needed

When Brian of Bushrat first came to Vigilante Marketing, he was looking for an entirely new brand and website for his job search and posting platform focused on the mineral exploration industry. He wanted a website that was easy to use, would cater to industry professionals’ needs, and would be visually appealing and reflective of the industry. He also wanted a new logo to communicate the company’s message and connect with his target audience.

Additionally, he wanted the website to have advanced functions, such as allowing users to easily search for job openings and workers with the ability to filter by skills, languages, and other attributes. He was also looking for a way to generate more revenue with alternate revenue sources, such as advertisement functionality. Finally, he wanted a new visual identity system that would be used consistently across all marketing materials, easily recognizable and memorable, and work well across various mediums.

what we did

David Fenoulhet, the principal web designer and developer for this project, was hired by Bushrat to create a new website for their job search and posting platform. The project’s main focus was to create a functional website that caters to the mineral exploration industry. The website was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with a focus on the needs of industry professionals.

David used inspiration from field notebooks used by those in the industry to inform the website’s overall aesthetic. He used leather and paper textures throughout the site to give it a rugged and authentic feel. In addition, he chose a color scheme of brown and beige to reflect the natural elements of earth, dirt, and sand. This color scheme also gave the website a sense of authenticity and connected it to the industry.

The website’s home page was organized by the steps used in the mining industry, including exploration, discovery, development, and extraction. This organization made it easy for users to find the information they needed and navigate the site. Additionally, topography graphics were used throughout the site to reflect the familiar crossover of all professions in the industry.

Peter Vigilante, VM’s lead developer, developed the website with advanced functionality, including a modern job search platform and worker search database. This made it easy for users to find job openings and workers in the industry. Additionally, Peter made sure the worker search platform was customized so that users could filter their search by skills, languages, and other attributes. This feature allows for a much more detailed search than your typical job search platforms. Finally, advertisement functionality was added to the site as an alternate revenue source to help Bushrat to generate more revenue and to help to sustain the website.

David Fenoulhet, the web designer and developer, created a new brand and logo for the Bushrat website. He understood the importance of having a solid brand and logo to communicate the company’s message effectively and connect with its target audience.

To create the new brand, David researched the mineral exploration industry and the types of companies that operate within it. He also looked at the target audience, including laborers and white-collar professionals, and considered what kind of message would resonate with them. From this research, David developed a brand strategy to communicate the company’s values and resonate with the target audience.

For the logo, David wanted to create something simple yet powerful that would stand out in the industry. He chose a design that incorporated elements of the industry, such as minerals and topography, while also being modern and professional. The logo was designed to be easily recognizable and memorable and to work well across various mediums, including print, digital and social media.

David also helped to create a visual identity system that included guidelines for typography, color, and imagery that would be used consistently across all marketing materials and which would be used as a foundation of a future online and offline strategy.

Overall, David’s efforts to create a new brand and logo for Bushrat helped to give the company a strong, recognizable identity that resonated with its target audience and set them apart from its competitors in the industry.

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David FenoulhetDavid Fenoulhet

David FenoulhetDavid Fenoulhet

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