the client

Theresa Andersen is a dynamic and intuitive Master Coach, specializing in self-development. Her diverse services include one-on-one online sessions for Akashic readings and Enneagram Type discoveries, a podcast featuring guided meditations, and an online course, “Fresh New Beginnings,” designed to inspire personal growth and transformation. Theresa’s passion for guiding individuals toward a deeper understanding of themselves is what drives her thriving business.

what they needed

Theresa’s previous website was plagued with conversion issues, despite high click-through rates. The existing site was not user-friendly and failed to effectively convert visitors into clients. Moreover, she was using three separate platforms to manage her diverse offerings, including Kajabi for her course and service booking. This approach was not only cumbersome and time-consuming for Theresa but also created a disjointed experience for her users.

Theresa was looking for a cost-effective solution that could bring together the e-commerce portion and online course management into one consolidated, easy-to-manage platform. She wanted a platform that would not only leverage her existing content but would also improve the overall user experience. Importantly, it needed to be something she could easily maintain without requiring extensive technical knowledge or effort.

what we did

David Fenoulhet, our dedicated Web Designer, was tasked with revamping Theresa’s online presence. We used an Impreza templated design as a budget-friendly solution without compromising on the aesthetics and functionality of the website. This template was carefully chosen by Theresa and customized by David to match existing branding and style, creating a coherent visual narrative throughout the site.

The website was designed to integrate all facets of Theresa’s services – online sessions, podcasts, and the “Fresh New Beginnings” course, into a single platform. This eliminated the need for multiple platforms and payment systems, significantly reducing operational complexity and costs. Furthermore, it ensured a seamless and intuitive user experience, encouraging users to explore and engage with all aspects of Theresa’s offerings.

We optimized the layout of the site and imported existing content to help enhance user navigation and increase conversion rates. With its new clean, and intuitive design, users can now easily browse Theresa’s services, book sessions, listen to her podcast, or enroll in her online course. This streamlined approach, with Theresa’s enriched content and our strategic design and build, has effectively turned the website into a powerful marketing and engagement tool that fully aligns with Theresa’s business objectives.

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David FenoulhetDavid Fenoulhet

David FenoulhetDavid Fenoulhet

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