the client

Women’s Hockey Life is a one-stop resource for hockey players, parents, coaches, fans, and others involved in women’s hockey. They focus on highlighting, promoting, and supporting women’s hockey around the world at every level. They pride themselves on delivering content with information, entertainment, advice, motivation, and more from hundreds of contributors and are dedicated to enriching the lives of those in the women’s hockey community by providing resources for people to live their hockey dreams to the fullest.

what they needed

Women’s Hockey Life reached out to us to design and build a new website to promote their custom line of Women’s Hockey Life apparel. Initially, they were selling their products on a 3rd party vendor site but they had a goal of creating a more legitimate, front-facing, branded website to house the apparel that would still be sold through the 3rd party partners.

what we did

When we first began the project, we attempted to construct an e-commerce website that could sell the products directly to the consumer. Women’s Hockey Life discovered issues with this process due to the difficultly of coordinating with the 3rd party partners. They decided to return to selling through the partners using their own front-facing site with plans to move to direct-to-consumer selling in the future. We developed the structure for this to occur when the client is ready and moved forward with creating a new online presence to stand out from the WHL Blog and WHL Academy websites. We worked in collaboration with Tina Dee from Brandzuzu to create a clean and unique design. This design was used in conjunction with the most recognizable brand motifs to keep WHL Gear separate yet still an integrated part of the WHL network. Altogether, we were able to create a structured and simple storefront to ensure that maximum focus was kept on the apparel and consumers were not inundated with too many options.

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