the client

Weaver’s Equipment, which opened its doors in 2013 on South Delsea Drive, is a continuation of a business that began in 1987 by Jaron Weaver’s grandfather on North Delsea Drive. The company was excited to offer the Husqvarna and Exmark equipment brands as their first products for sale. As the business grew, additional brands such as Hustler, Ferris, and Kioti were added to their product offerings. They also expanded their services to include custom hydraulic hoses and rental equipment. The company is grateful for the support of its customers. Weaver’s Equipment aims to continue providing excellent products and dependable service to their customers for years to come.

what they needed

Weaver Equipment came to us with a website that had a templated shop functionality and poor organization, which made it hard to navigate for their customers. They needed a modernized website that would align with the new branding we created for them and an improved user experience. In addition, we recognized the need for a unique and personalized shop layout that sets them apart from other heavy equipment sales and rental sites.

what we did

Tina Raposo, the web designer, and Ben Wilson, the web developer, were responsible for the design and development of the Weaver Equipment website. Tina played a crucial role in creating the logo for the company, working closely with the client to understand their vision and preferences for the logo. She helped guide them through the process of selecting the perfect color and design choices, making sure that the logo captured the essence of the brand and its values. She also helped the client make decisions on the typography and other design elements that would be incorporated into the logo.

Tina employed earth-tone colors to create a light and open design for the website, with a touch of ruggedness through the use of rough edges and textures. The imagery used on the website was family-oriented and friendly, reflecting the company’s values and services. Incorporating the logo design Tina created, they added brown underlines and a leaf motif throughout the website. In addition, they designed new pages such as the homepage, equipment, rentals, parts, about us, and contact pages, as well as a custom post type for rental equipment. Additionally, they implemented WooCommerce to manage the website’s e-commerce functionality efficiently.

They added a significant amount of content to the website, including 12 brands, 30 categories, and 180 products, with more to be added. They also created custom templates for the product, brand, and equipment grid pages. To showcase customer satisfaction, they imported testimonials from Google reviews. In summary, Tina and Ben worked together to design and develop a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively represents Weaver Equipment and its offerings while leveraging Tina’s logo design with great attention to detail and an understanding of design principles.

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Christine GintherChristine Ginther

Tina RaposoTina Raposo

Ben WilsonBen Wilson

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