the client

Assured Lease offers leasing solutions with fast results at great rates. They have 30 years of personalized leasing experience and are invested in clients’ business goals. They offer equipment leasing options for a multitude of different industries at competitive rates.

what they needed

Bruce Ellemo, the president of the Assured Lease, approached Emily Chow Marketing and Vigilante Marketing in need of a brand and site refresh. The current website was extremely old, outdated, and needed a significant overhaul. In addition, it had no unique functionality, a dark color scheme, a large amount of unnecessary content that provided no user value, and an interface that was overly complex.

what we did

Our partner Emily, from Emily Chow Marketing, was the project manager and content strategist for this project. She re-worked Assured Lease’s previous content and added lively language with eye-catching calls-to-actions to the copy.

The Vigilante Marketing lead designer, Tina Raposo, updated the previous logo using the existing symbol. She refreshed the branding with a new color scheme, chose to use purples because of their association with royalty and richness, and utilized more imagery to give the site a modern feel. In addition, Bruce Ellemo is color-blind, so she decided to keep the website monochrome.

Our developer, Peter Vigilante, built the site to showcase its user-friendly functionality. He created a leasing calculator using Gravity Forms and special calculation plug-ins, allowing people to complete real-time calculations of loan costs. Peter also converted all PDF application forms into completely digital and easy-to-use applications.

After seeing what our team could deliver, Bruce Ellemo hired us to design and develop the website for his personal brand.

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