the client

Rehabtronics is a healthcare technology company with a mission to revolutionize the industry through innovation. It was established as a spinoff from the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute at the University of Alberta, with the vision of applying neural rehabilitation breakthroughs to clinical practice for patients with neurological injuries such as Stroke and Spinal Cord. The company’s founders recognized an opportunity to bring their discoveries to the healthcare field, and they continue to work in collaboration with research institutions and initiatives worldwide to develop and validate their devices. Rehabtronics owns several patents, including those for hand/arm neuro prosthetic devices, hands-free control, telerehabilitation, and physical therapy delivery over the Internet, digital automation of arm and hand function assessment, and the use of IES to prevent pressure injuries. They are dedicated to protecting their intellectual property and advancing healthcare technology.

what they needed

Rehabtronics recognized that their website was outdated and did not reflect the modern direction of their design collateral. They wanted a website that would be in line with their cutting-edge technology and innovative approach to healthcare. Furthermore, they required more flexibility in how their products were sold, with an emphasis on ease-of-use and accessibility for potential customers. Their previous website did not provide the level of customization and control they needed to showcase their products effectively, leading to missed sales opportunities. They were seeking a solution that would enable them to better highlight their products, provide a seamless user experience, and ultimately drive more revenue.

what we did

VM’s Tina Raposo completed the design and development work for Rehabtronics’ website, transforming it into a cleaner, more open, and professional site that better reflects the company’s cutting-edge approach to healthcare. The updated website features layouts that are dynamic and flow in and out of the grid, with a more selective use of brand colors, incorporating more product/patient/clinician photography, and refreshing old branding elements to match current print and social media designs. Each product page has a unique layout, accommodating the versatility of different information for each product. The blog, press releases, and webinars have been reorganized, making it easier for users to filter through different article types and topics. The menus have been reworked for improved navigation throughout the site and external support site. One of the most significant updates was the addition of functionality for securely uploading prescriptions required for product purchase, improving the user experience for both clinicians and patients. The end result is a website that not only showcases Rehabtronics’ innovative products but also offers a seamless user experience, which can drive more revenue for the company.

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Tina RaposoTina Raposo

Tina RaposoTina Raposo

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