the client

Ogopogo Parasailing & E-Boat is a recreational water sports company located in the popular tourist attraction of Kelowna. They offer both parasailing adventures and e-boat rentals, catering to a family-focused market seeking thrilling experiences and memorable moments in the Okanagan.

what they needed

Ogopogo Parasailing & E-Boat approached Vigilante Marketing with the goal of revamping their website to better showcase their services, attract a wider audience, and create a more engaging user experience. They wanted a design that reflected the adventurous spirit of their activities while maintaining a lighthearted and family-friendly atmosphere. Additionally, they required the incorporation of testimonials to provide social proof and FAQs to address common visitor inquiries. Furthermore, they desired a seamless booking system that would keep users on the site throughout the reservation process.

what we did

Vigilante Marketing’s designer, Tina Raposo, carefully considered the client’s requirements and crafted a design that would effectively cater to both the parasailing and e-boat sections of the business. To achieve a vibrant and cheerful look, Tina made the decision to remove the existing pine green color from the brand palette. Instead, she introduced aqua, light lime green, and a soft yellow, creating a summer-inspired aesthetic that would appeal to the target market’s sense of adventure and leisure.

Tina maintained a familiar layout, ensuring key elements such as services and pricing were displayed prominently on the page. To enhance the website’s credibility and address visitor concerns, she integrated testimonials from satisfied customers. This social proof would help potential customers feel more confident in choosing Ogopogo Parasailing & E-Boat for their water sports activities. Furthermore, Tina added a section for frequently asked questions (FAQs) to provide clear information and alleviate any doubts that new visitors may have.

To enhance the overall visual appeal and guide visitors’ attention down the page, Tina incorporated flowing wave design accents. Additionally, she implemented fun and engaging SVG animated sun and wave doodles to add an element of playfulness to the design.

The development team at Vigilante Marketing focused on incorporating interactive features and optimizing the user experience. They introduced a new layered background image parallax effect that provided depth to the design as users scrolled through the website. This visually engaging feature created a sense of immersion and excitement, complementing the adventurous nature of the activities offered by Ogopogo Parasailing & E-Boat.

To address the client’s need for highlighting partners and their unique discounts, the development team created a custom post type. This allowed the website administrators to easily feature the various partnerships and discounts on the site as needed, ensuring the content remained relevant and up to date.

The team also retained the existing booking system but made improvements to enhance user convenience. They ensured that all booking links opened in popups, allowing users to remain on the website while making their reservations. This seamless experience eliminated the need for users to navigate away from the site and provided a more streamlined booking process.

Overall, Vigilante Marketing successfully transformed Ogopogo Parasailing & E-Boat’s website into a visually appealing, user-friendly platform that effectively showcased their services and captured the attention of their target audience. The redesigned website aligned with the client’s brand identity, instilled a sense of trust and excitement, and streamlined the booking process, ultimately helping Ogopogo Parasailing & E-Boat thrive in their competitive market.

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