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Central Okanagan Performing Arts Festival

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the client

The Central Okanagan Performing Arts Festival (COPAF) is a nonprofit organization that oversees all aspects of the Performing Arts Festival. They host an annual festival that provides a space for up-and-coming performance artists to show off their dance, music, and voice talents with their community. COPAF’s goal is to create a vibrant platform for aspiring artists to connect with their peers and engage with accomplished professionals for skill and career development. Participants of this festival are provided with constructive feedback, and get to share their art and talents with the local community.

what they needed

COPAF was dealing with an outdated website that wasn’t user friendly. Their site had layout issues and an antiquated design that didn’t represent their progressive and dynamic brand. The mobile responsiveness was lacking, and accessibility was hindered for many users, it was time for COPAF’s website to get a major upgrade.

This brand needed a website that was visually appealing, easily manageable, and adaptable. COPAF is ever-evolving, and their site needed to reflect that. As their branding was going through a transitional phase, it would be necessary to add features that allowed for quick and easy updates to the brand image. 

what we did

For this template build, our team made sure to address all of the site’s previous issues and effectively incorporate each new feature that COPAF requested. First tackling the accessibility issue, we made sure that this new site was responsive on mobile as it was on desktop. This improvement heightened user engagement and ensured that COPAF’s site met the current web standards. To facilitate easy web management, we added custom post types for testimonials and team member profiles, which was easy to navigate, categorize, and update. This change turned the site’s backend into a user-friendly interface where all team members could easily maintain the site’s relevance and accuracy.

With the site content provided by COPAF, our team structured and organized the website to follow the brand’s information hierarchy and clearly promote all their offerings. The new layout enhances user navigation and allows visitors to easily find the information that they’re seeking. Because of COPAF’s current rebranding process, our team implemented a dynamic branding system on their website. Their branding elements can now be changed with just the click of a few buttons when necessary. This feature allows the website to evolve alongside COPAF’s branding journey, maintaining a consistent and up-to-date visual identity.

COPAF’s website is now user friendly both on the front and back end, optimally organized, and able to adapt along with future growth and changes. This digital platform effectively communicates this organization’s mission of providing a platform for up-and-coming creatives and fostering community.


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