the client

Marliworld is the newest company to break into the legal marijuana consumables market. They supply US wholesalers with hemp products, including gummies, pre-rolls, cartridges, and disposable devices.

what they needed

When they came to us, they had a business plan without an online presence. So they needed assistance discovering their brand from the ground up, including developing their company colours and logo.

what we did

Marliworld was looking for something fun, with bright colours to attract potential customers to their “community.” The website, including the brand colours and logo, was designed by VM’s designer David Fenoulhet to display this community through images reflecting their target market, social media examples, and links to gain followers. All content creation and project management were tasked to the talented team from Emily Chow Marketing.

David developed the main portion of the site, with Peter Vigilante developing the e-commerce side. The e-commerce section of the site was developed using a Wholesaler platform, allowing retailers to log in and make bulk orders of products. The orders were automatically connected to UPS for shipping, allowing for direct billing. In addition, a QR code system was installed to allow users to share any product link via the attached QR code. This also connects to users’ accounts when they need to validate their membership at a retailer, which they can show the retailer their QR code to be scanned and verified. We also incorporated the ability for members to register and log in with just a phone number-no password required.

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