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Kelowna Life is a real estate group that offers exceptional services to their clients, using a different approach to real estate and making sure sellers and buyers alike get what they are looking for.

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With the housing market cooling down over the past year, Kelowna Life wanted to combat a decrease in their client traffic. Although VM hasn’t been able to increase their traffic due specifically to this factor and other external factors that were out of our control, we have been able to work on strengthening existing keywords and finding new ones—which will eventually lead us into an upward trend for organic search engine traffic

To ensure the site’s continued success, we perform monthly audits to identify broken or toxic links that could negatively affect search engine rankings. We’ve also closely examined user experience and implement changes designed to captivate users’ attention.

Getting a bounce rate below 40 was a feat due to the plugin used on the site to integrate real estate listing, iHomefinder, as once the listing was taken down, the page would become a 404 error, we made sure to have related listings when the user lands on the listing not found page.


Our marketing manager, Katie Neudecker, always keeps us up-to-date with industry trends and insights tailored to what Kelowna Life offers. With an understanding of which keywords would be effective and who Kelowna Life’s competitors are, Katie has positioned Google Ads to drive conversions and traffic to the site.

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Katie NeudeckerKatie Neudecker

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