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Getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be complicated!

The team of Kelowna mortgage brokers at Rampone Marsh would love to help take the stress out of finding your mortgage.

They’ve facilitated funding for over 500 million dollars of mortgages in their combined 20 years in the Real Estate finance industry. This makes their team one of the most trusted and experienced in the country.

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As the housing market has cooled down over the last year, Rampone Marsh wanted to combat the decrease in their client traffic. Although VM hasn’t been able to increase their traffic we have been able to stay the course and work on strengthening their existing keywords and finding new keywords to rank in.

To ensure the site’s continued success, we perform monthly audits to identify broken or toxic links that could negatively affect search engine rankings. We’ve also closely examined user experience and implement changes designed to captivate users’ attention.


Katie Neudecker, the VM Marketing Manager, completed keyword and competitor analysis to position Google Ads in front of the people most likely to be looking for the services Rampone Marsh provides. Even with a decrease in people searching for mortgage broker services, we saw an increase in clicks and conversions.

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Katie NeudeckerKatie Neudecker

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