the client

Turnagain Collectibles is a group of Canadian enthusiasts who specialize in collecting, investing, and trading a variety of collectibles. Their primary focus is on serving other mid-level collectors, investors, and traders, striving to be a trusted provider in this niche market. They are deeply committed to personal involvement in the process, ensuring that their customers receive items of value that enhance their collections.

what they needed

The team at Turnagain Collectibles were tired of the constraints and impersonal nature of large sports memorabilia and collectibles reselling platforms, so they took matters into their own hands. Turnagain aspired to establish a more tailored and community-centric marketplace, one where they could dictate their own rules and foster a closer connection among collectors. Their vision was to create a versatile and user-friendly platform that offered multiple selling options and catered to both buyers’ and sellers’ needs. This included the ability to sell items at a set price with the unique functionality of a “Best Offer” option, where customers could propose prices which sellers could either accept or reject. They also wanted to integrate traditional auction features, such as reserve prices and incremental bidding, to provide a comprehensive and dynamic shopping experience. Additionally, the marketplace was to be open to other vetted sellers, allowing them to list their collectibles and set up their auctions, thereby broadening the range of items available. An essential component of this new platform was to include a dashboard area where sellers could efficiently manage their sales and buyers could track their purchases and favourite seller shops.

what we did

Our team embraced Turnagain Collectibles’ vision and transformed it into a vibrant and functional online marketplace. Our designer, Tina, meticulously crafted the website’s branding, selecting a palette of blue, orange, and warm greys to reflect the Turnagain River and evoke a welcoming, antique atmosphere. The site’s design incorporated muted tones to mirror the nostalgic essence of collectibles, with fonts that were both bold and elegant, featuring a vintage flair. This aesthetic was complemented by half-tone textures and comic book filters on category images, ensuring that the site stood out while remaining intuitive and reminiscent of familiar buying-and-selling platforms.

From a development perspective, Brian implemented a range of functionalities to cater to the diverse needs of sellers and buyers. The website allowed items to be sold through set pricing with an added ‘Best Offer’ feature, and also included full-fledged auction capabilities with reserve prices and incremental bidding. Emphasizing community involvement, the marketplace was opened to other sellers who, upon approval, could sell their own collectibles and set up auctions. A comprehensive dashboard was integrated for sellers to track sales and for buyers to manage purchases and follow their favorite shops. This approach not only provided a streamlined and user-centric experience but also fostered a sense of community and individuality within the Turnagain Collectibles marketplace.

Tina RaposoTina Raposo

Brian LooneyBrian Looney

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