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Dania Sheldon Editing Services

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the client

Dania Sheldon is a freelance editor, writer, researcher, and indexer in British Columbia, Canada. She has been helping people with their editing needs since 1997, has won awards for her phenomenal work, and loves what she does.

what they needed

Dania’s previous site was outdated and difficult to navigate. The portfolio page did not have a cohesive design or functionality. Her website needed a complete design and development overhaul.

what we did

Tina, a VM designer, and developer, began by creating a new logo for Dania. She utilized a clean Serif font for the wordmark, an organic/flowing font for the lettermark, and added a touch of nature to the logo with a small green leaf. For the website design, Tina created a rustic feeling by using vintage line drawings, traditional elements, torn paper edge textures, earth tone colours including splashes of green on an off-white background, and both flora and fauna imagery to capture Dania’s personality and lifestyle.

Tina then developed the new site from the design, considerably improving Dania’s previous online presence. She created an easier filtering and navigation system for the portfolio page for a better user experience, including a more cohesive layout for information, definitions, and lists. In addition, Dania’s skills are organized in an accordion skills list that now clearly defines each of her talented areas of expertise. On the homepage, she developed an eye-catching portfolio layout with a categories marquee to highlight Dania’s extensive history of projects and a vast array of subjects without being overwhelming for a user to view. Finally, she developed unique layering and positioning of illustrations and colourful accents.

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Tina RaposoTina Raposo

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