the client

Puffing the Silver Moon online store is the evolution of the family-owned and ran Silvermoon Convenience Store in Delta, BC. Silvermoon Convenience Store has been serving the Delta community for decades. The owners pride themselves on building everlasting relationships with their customers.

what they needed

One of the owners of Silvermoon Convenience, Rohit Gupta, reached out to us for help in building a brand new e-commerce website. He was one of the lucky recipients of the BC grant, Launch Online. A grant that was developed to assist BC businesses in moving their business online. Silvermoon did not have an existing online presence and Rohit wanted to create a site that drew in new clientele.

what we did

We worked closely with Rohit to really understand his business and the vision he had for it moving into the future. Because Silvermoon Convenience did not have an existing website to draw inspiration from, the VM team looked to related sites and brainstormed with Rohit to nail down the desired look, feel, and functionality. We were able to design a site with grunge aesthetics and bright, vibrant pops of colors. Paint splatter motifs are utilized throughout the entire site in a way that draws in a customer’s attention. Our developer created a user-friendly interface that connected the online store with his brick-and-mortar storefront. Allowing the synchronization of his inventory, as well payments and customer accounts. An “age gate” was programmed so that customers must validate age and create an account in order to browse prices or purchase products. This gives the website the ability to sell products. We also implemented custom tax rules to ensure all BC Government guidelines are followed. His site now allows his business to reach a broader, North American audience.

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