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Important guidelines for our valuable customers

please read the following guidelines.
1. Never update your theme or plugin from the dashboard automatically if it shows an update is available. because you are using GPL and the update shows are from the main author. update only when an update is available on our website. and then download it and upload it. your theme and plugin will be replaced with a new version and your old settings will remain.
2. if you see child theme with the main theme then install the main theme first and also install the child theme and activate the child theme.
3. if you can’t install plugins from the dashboard after installing themes then it means you have to install those plugins from the downloaded folder. find those plugins inside the downloaded file after extracting.
4. if activation key is required to use the plugin or theme then use 111111111111. if not required and still asking for activation just ignore the notification.
5. once again do not update your theme or plugin automatically. if you do that your product will be de-activated and will ask for a license.
Finally, wish you good luck with your website/work/development.

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