Digital Marketing + SEO

Strategic marketing using social media, search engine optimization, and pay per click (PPC) techniques, to get your business noticed by your target clientele. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to market your brand and we want to show you every month the difference the right techniques can make.


Marketing Strategies Tailored To Your Brand

Vigilante Marketing, a Kelowna digital marketing agency will work with your team to create a personalized strategic 90-day digital marketing plan for your company to ensure tangible results. Our web design team will create an overall marketing strategy, taking your brand identity into account. This includes campaign themes with example posts, hashtag lists, and mood boards to establish your brand’s ability to capture the attention of a new, growing audience to increase engagement.

What’s Included
  • 90-day plan outlining all of the marketing initiatives your business should pursue
  • Social media themes and strategy definitions
  • Budget breakdowns for each marketing initiative
  • Three example social media posts with copy and images
  • List of top trending hashtags
  • Audience definitions
1500 session


Our Experts Make Marketing Your Business Effortless

If you need a strong, experienced team to execute the marketing plan for your company, look no further! Our monthly marketing retainer is built using an a la carte approach, so you only pay for what your business needs! Our team of graphic designers, social media, and search engine optimization specialists can bring the 90-day plan to life using new and innovative methods to drive brand awareness and attract prospective customers. 

What’s Included

In our retainer, we can include:

  • Developing & implementing a cohesive marketing plan
  • Definition of short & long term goals
  • Development of content marketing calendar & execution plan
  • Monitor metrics against marketing performance 
  • Content developed for defined marketing platforms
  • Scheduled social media posting on chosen platforms
  • Photo/video content development
  • Search engine optimization to target key areas
  • Website updates/revisions/design based on analysis 
  • Provide monthly quantitative and qualitative report
  • Ongoing business development support & consultation
  • Monthly campaign review & strategy meetings on internal marketing process including but not limited to content management structure, reporting, lead process, management strategies
starting at 1500/mo

search engine optimization

Ranking Higher On Google Just Got Easier

Wondering how to get your business ranking higher on Google? Our search engine optimization (SEO) experts can help get you there. They take a deep dive into your website using advanced SEO tools to ensure every inch of your online presence is optimized to the highest level.

What’s Included
  • SEO Analysis: We analyze your site metrics, search metrics, and web presence to create a comprehensive strategy for improving your search ranking.
  • Content Optimization: Researching and identifying the keywords that your target audiences are searching for and adding them to your content.
  • Backlink Building: We find link opportunities that your competition may be using and see if we can also publish a link. Over time we look to increase your overall Backlinks.
  • Creating Pillar Pages and Content Clusters: This is a strategy of focusing the site’s content on key topics that you want to grow your ranking for, then generating more content for that topic.
  • Continual SEO Auditing and Fixing: With new content being added and changes happening to your site, it’s a good idea to always repeat the SEO Audit and apply the suggested fixes.
starting at 500/mo

get noticed

Your Brand Deserves To Be Seen

Our pay-per-click experts can help you reach the right audience with the right message for your business with strategically designed, written, and placed ads through social media and search engines.

Brand awareness marketing strategies SEO Pay per click (PPC)

rewriting the standards of marketing

Local Digital Marketing Agency team members

We’re here to save the day while rewriting the standards of marketing.

We’re a Kelowna digital marketing agency, with team members across Canada. Each of our team members brings experience, passion, and creativity to all of our projects, from web design and development to our marketing services. We source the best of the best talents to build magic.

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Do you need a sidekick? Vigilante Marketing can help you with the work you aren’t able to do yourself, we assist with design, web building, and marketing efforts!

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