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Emily Chow Marketing

The Client

Emily Chow Marketing, owned and ran by the incredibly talented Emily Chow, is a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in personalized marketing solutions, branding, and web design and development for businesses of all sizes. She has 15 years of proven expertise in turning businesses and their teams into marketing powerhouses. She works closely with her clients to build results and data-driven 90-day marketing plans that are easy to understand and execute.

What They Needed

When Emily came to us searching for a website refresh, she wasn’t entirely sure what she was looking for. All she knew was that she had outgrown her current site. The site was five years old and had served its purpose, but Emily was ready to evolve as a person and a business. However, she believed she needed a professional, buttoned-up standard website because, in her industry, that’s what she thought was expected of her. After our first discovery meeting, we instantly knew we needed to build a website that could truly capture her bold personality and revolutionize her brand.

What We Did

To begin, we enrolled our partner Tina Dee from Brandzuzu as the lead designer on this project. Her style of design was perfect for this brand revamp. We then decided we needed to conduct a fresh, new photoshoot to represent Emily’s personality truly. Team members from Vigilante Marketing drove to Vancouver, BC, to spend an entire day working with Tina and Emily to ensure we captured the perfect images. 

Tina created an out-of-the-box representation of Emily’s personality following the photo shoot, including a new brand mascot, the Sassy B bunny. She produced a vibrant & colorful design with lots of motion and strong women empowerment themes. She utilized unique styles and elements to craft the new and improved Emily Chow Marketing brand. 

The lead developer for Vigilante Marketing, Peter Vigilante, then translated the design into a functional website. He developed an effective site that incorporates SVG graphic elements and animations to instill movement and life on every page using the WordPress platform. As a result, we delivered to Emily a revolutionized brand that has now set her business on a completely different trajectory in the best possible way imaginable. 

Throughout this project, we’ve had the opportunity to build a strong partnership and friendship together. As a result, Vigilante Marketing and Emily Chow Marketing now work closely on many notable projects, including the Stenberg College and the Centre for Arts and Technology websites.

From The Client

After the site was completed, we sat down with Emily and discussed her experience working with Vigilante Marketing and Brandzuzu from start to finish. 

What made you decide to reinvent your brand?

My current site was a few years old, and although it had served me well, I felt I had outgrown it. I’ve been in this industry for 15 years. I was good back then, but I’m dangerous now. I have found a way to balance skills, street smarts, and experience in a way that supersedes any old version of myself. I now have a little dash of “I don’t care what you think of me” in my brand, making me the perfect extension of an organization. That’s what makes me stand out from the competition. My previous brand didn’t support what I was trying to transform my business into.

Why did you choose Vigilante Marketing to redesign your business?

I met Peter, the president and lead developer of Vigilante Marketing, while we were both involved with redesigning the Centre of Arts and Technology website. We just instantly clicked, and as we built up our working relationship, he sold me on what he and his team could turn my company into. I was so used to fast-talking developers that tend to say a lot that means very little. However, Peter seemed very real, down to earth, and he didn’t have a colossal ego getting in the way. 

How was your experience working with Tina Dee during the design aspect of the project?

It was an out-of-this-world, mind-bending experience working with Tina! She is shamelessly confident in knowing what the client needs even when the client isn’t sure themselves. Her design process and deliverables were the fuses that made the dynamite go boom. She created a site that pushed my boundaries in all the right ways. 

Now that the site is launched, what are your final thoughts?

I have come out of this with the knowledge that I have been set up for success, and I have all the tools I need to continue evolving my business. It was amazing to find a team of people I could depend on and who wouldn’t cut corners or drop communications. Vigilante Marketing and Tina Dee were able to help me discover the true form of my brand. I have not only found partners but friends as well. This entire process has made me a better marketer and strategic businesswoman. I cannot wait to see where this takes me next!

This project was a collaboration with:

Brandzuzu+Emily Chow Marketing

Publisher Vigilante Marketing

Designer Brandzuzu

Developer Peter Vigilante

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