the client

TORQ is an independent logistics and midstream company that plays a crucial role in the Western Canadian transportation sector. They have a network of seven multi-product rail terminals and storage facilities, allowing them to cater to a wide range of commodities and energy-based products. TORQ’s operations include rail transport, trucking operations, and first and last mile transportation, demonstrating their versatility and ability to meet diverse customer needs. This company’s mission is to be the preferred transportation provider in their industry, a goal they pursue with integrity and determination.

what they needed

TORQ’s old website didn’t reflect their brand’s ethos, so they came to us in need of a total site refresh. We partnered with VelvetTheory to create a website that embodies TORQ’s identity while communicating all necessary information to users. With the goal of developing a site that stands out, we used a unique and rounded modern style to reflect the dynamic and progressive approach of TORQ’s services. Our team planned on elevating this site by adding an animated train wheel through the implementation of VM’s built-in object parallax. This addition, along with many more to come, were designed to enhance user engagement and provide a visual metaphor for TORQ’s efficiency and movement.

what we did

In collaboration with VelvetTheory’s design team, we crafted a personal and distinctive website for TORQ. Through the blending of functionality with creative design, we were able to reflect the modern and innovative essence of TORQ’s business. Their new website features a rounded design aesthetic, with the circular motion of train wheels serving as a nod to TORQ’s core operations. This design choice enhances the visual appeal of this website and serves as a constant reminder of TORQ’s innovation in their industry. Our team was excited to use VM’s built-in object parallax for the first time on this site, as it adds a layer of depth and motion to the page. This contemporary feature communicates the movement and efficiency of TORQ’s services. The spinning train wheel logo was integrated throughout the site to serve as a brand emblem and reinforce TORQ’s commitment to fluid, seamless logistics.


Through this collaborative effort with VelvetTheory, we delivered a website that went beyond merely meeting TORQ’s functional requirements. We elevated their online presence, using styles and features that embody their values of reliability and community service. Their rejuvenated digital platform now effectively communicates TORQ’s mission and capabilities, while offering an engaging and informative user experience.

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