the client

BEing U Coaching is a vibrant and unique life coaching company born from a rich tapestry of life experiences, steeped in creativity and positive energy. The founder, Martina, having navigated a life full of twists and turns, has transformed years of personal and professional learning into a catalyst for change in others’ lives. BEing U is dedicated to helping individuals embrace the unpredictability of life, finding freedom in the chaos, and nurturing the courage to heed the callings for change within themselves. With a strong commitment to empowering clients, BEing U provides a platform for people to build the confidence needed to design, create, and live the life they can not just imagine, but truly envision. They are champions of transformation, inspiring people to step into their authentic selves and live their fullest potential.

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what they needed

BEing U Coaching was in need of an all-encompassing website overhaul that would reflect their innovative coaching approach and services. They needed a template site with an enhanced brand image, which required adjustments to their brand colours. They also wanted to incorporate their unique infographic design concepts into the design. A crucial part of the project was to structure a substantial amount of content in an easily accessible and digestible format. Additionally, they needed a harmonious integration of their BuddyBoss community platform styling with the site’s overall design. The client also required an efficient Learning Management System (LMS) for their program “Courage to Change”, a secure platform for private group discussions among course members, and an effective e-commerce setup for selling courses and memberships.

what we did

Tina from Vigilante Marketing spearheaded the project, bringing her unique design approach to cater to the client’s needs. She worked closely with the client to refine their brand colours, giving the brand a refreshed look. Tina successfully integrated the client’s infographic design concepts into the site, adding a visually engaging element to the user experience.

The challenge of structuring a large volume of content was addressed with a meticulously planned layout that allowed easy navigation and clear understanding. Our web developer Ben also ensured a seamless design transition from the main site to the BuddyBoss community platform, reinforcing the brand’s identity and aesthetics.

Beyond the website design, our team set up the Sensei LMS to facilitate the “Courage to Change” course. They also integrated BuddyBoss to create private groups for course discussions, fostering a supportive community for learners. Additionally, another group was created for broader community engagement.

To monetize the platform, Tina and Ben set up WooCommerce, enabling the sale of courses and memberships seamlessly. This comprehensive design and build approach resulted in a cohesive, user-friendly, and engaging platform that resonated with BEing U Coaching’s mission and values.

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Vigilante MarketingVigilante Marketing

Tina RaposoTina Raposo

Ben WilsonBen Wilson

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