the client

Vistara Growth provides highly flexible growth capital solutions for technology companies across Canada and the USA. They are uniquely positioned to offer growth debt and/or growth equity to support a variety of expansion objectives. They are funded by leading technology executives, entrepreneurs, and other business builders.

what they needed

Laura, from Laura Grace Design, came to Vigilante Marketing to develop the new Vistara Growth site she had designed. Vistara’s previous website was short and lacked the company’s depth to share with clients. They wanted a site that could display their case studies and could easily share their resources with future partners.

what we did

Peter Vigilante, Vigilante Marketing’s lead developer, built the website based on the design by Laura Grace Design. This included functionality for cross-linking different types of content, such as case studies with resources and testimonials linked to the various deals within the portfolio. He also utilized custom post types and fields to allow the client to easily add deals to their portfolio and create downloadable resources within their blog.

Vigilante MarketingVigilante Marketing

Laura Grace DesignLaura Grace Design

Laura Grace DesignLaura Grace Design

Peter VigilantePeter Vigilante

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