the client

Qwick Media is a leading interactive kiosk software and smart screen solutions provider. They are passionate about providing their customers with cutting-edge technology that increases brand awareness and operational efficiencies. Their team of experienced professionals will assist you from beginning to end, including customization, branding, development, setup, and training.

what they needed

As an industry leader in kiosk solutions, Qwick Media needed a website that reflected their passion and knowledge of hardware and software. Their existing website needed a refresh to speak to its current notable clientele and potential new clientele.

what we did

VM created a fresh, new design that was more in line with who Qwick Media is as a company. Adding pops of neon colour and techno-inspired shapes and line work, Designer Tina Raposo added the futuristic feel that Qwick Media tremendously needed. Floating kiosk photography used throughout the site helps create a more modern feel and keeps visitors engaged with what’s happening behind the scenes at Qwick Media. Stylish and bold fonts were used to make information easier to absorb.

The techno-inspired shapes were SVG animated by designer David Fenoulhet using SVGator, spicing up the visual interest without taking your eye away from the critical content on the site.

Tina built a streamlined and easy-to-navigate website with an informative design that allows users to find the information they need quickly. With an easy-to-operate back end for Qwick Media to harmoniously add, remove or change content and sections as needed. The unique styling of the site was built by Tina to maintain the brand showcase and to be dynamically scalable to any device.

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Tina RaposoTina Raposo

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