the client

Mountain Top Spray Foam is a locally-owned and operated business nestled in the heart of the stunning Okanagan Valley. Founded by the dynamic husband-and-wife team, Sean and Lisa Way, the company delivers exceptional insulation services to their community. The Ways, originally from Alberta, were captivated by the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant community of the Okanagan. Inspired by the majesty of the local mountaintops, they planted their roots here, naming their thriving business after the scenic panorama. Mountain Top Spray Foam symbolizes their commitment to providing the finest spray foam solutions available, reflecting their passion and the robust energy of the Okanagan environment.

what they needed

As a start-up, Mountain Top Spray Foam needed to establish a solid online presence to reach potential customers. They required a website that could efficiently communicate their services, values, and unique selling points while capturing the essence of the Okanagan. The website needed to be visually appealing, user-friendly, and cost-effective, as the company was still in its initial stages of business. Additionally, the site needed to include basic functionalities such contact form for potential customers to reach out with ease. Most importantly, it had to reflect the character and ethos of the company, leveraging their strong ties to the Okanagan community.

what we did

With these needs in mind, Vigilante Marketing crafted a tailored website solution for Mountain Top Spray Foam. The use of a pre-designed Impreza template provided a cost-effective yet aesthetically pleasing solution for our client. Our designer, Tina Raposo, customized the template, making careful use of the company’s bright green branding colour. She balanced its usage across the site, ensuring that it did not overpower other design elements. In addition, Tina incorporated beautiful landscape imagery of the Okanagan throughout the site, further solidifying the company’s connection to the local community.

Our Marketing Manager, Katie Neudecker, was in charge of creating engaging and informative content for the site. She highlighted the company’s values, the exceptional quality of their services, and their passion for the local community. The content was tailored to not only inform potential customers about Mountain Top Spray Foam’s services but also to tell the story of Sean and Lisa Way, connecting them to the community on a personal level. The website’s functionality remained basic, including crucial elements such as one-click phone and email options for potential customers to inquire about their insulation needs. The end result was a website that provided a solid online foundation for Mountain Top Spray Foam, blending aesthetics, functionality, and compelling storytelling.

Vigilante MarketingVigilante Marketing

Katie NeudeckerKatie Neudecker

Tina RaposoTina Raposo

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