the client

Direct from Italy and fabricated in Canada, Okanagan Bubbles & Co. is the Okanagan’s first luxury bar cart. From weddings to family gatherings to corporate affairs, they promise to make your soirée a memorable experience.

Their cart has four taps to dispense various beverages, including beers, wines, prosecco, or ciders. In addition, they can supply your special occasion with alcohol from one of their many winery partners, or you can request your favorite drink choices.

what they needed

As a brand new business, they came to us with no prior online presence. They needed assistance with creating their brand, logo and designing and building a landing page website.

what we did

The Vigilante Marketing design and development team worked with the client to discover the direction they wanted to take their brand identity. Our designer, Tina Raposo, created the look, feel, and logo for Okanagan Bubbles & Co. Utilizing soft pastel pinks and greens and images formatted with vignettes to produce the feeling that the website glows. In addition, Tina added pink flower petals that fall down the page as a user scrolls to pull the motifs all together. Lead developer, Peter Vigilante, built the landing page site on WordPress and used a special javascript library to simulate the falling of the rose petals.

Vigilante MarketingVigilante Marketing

Christine GintherChristine Ginther

Tina RaposoTina Raposo

Peter VigilantePeter Vigilante

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