the client

Collision King is a locally owned and operated autobody shop in Kelowna that’s committed to its clients, community, and the planet. With over 40+ years of experience in the industry, they have the knowledge to provide exceptional services and quality workmanship to each and every client.

what they needed

Collision King was opened this year, and they needed a website that matched their brand, was easy to use, navigate, and direct users to their autobody shop. They wanted the website to read as a supporter of the community and that they are locally owned and operated.

what we did

Designer David Fenoulhet created a site that is a reflection of both Collision King’s dedication to their community and their experience in the industry. Dave carried a “locally-owned” motifs throughout the site with the placement of owner, Gordie Abougoush’s photo and backstory. Using Collision King’s branding colours and logo, Dave created a professional looking, easy-to-use site that stands out above their competitors.

Dave built the site with distinct community sections and page that feature upcoming and past community events. Using plugins to highlight Collision King’s social media posts to show off before and after’s of repairs, as well as team members, behind the scenes and events. David embedded a branded Google Map into the site so that potential customers could easily find their two locations and clearly outlined which sites accepted which claims.

Vigilante MarketingVigilante Marketing

Katie NeudeckerKatie Neudecker

David FenoulhetDavid Fenoulhet

David FenoulhetDavid Fenoulhet

Katie NeudeckerKatie Neudecker

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