Using Google Docs for Reviewing Content

From time to time, you will be asked to review, edit, or add content for your website to a shared Google Docs file. Using shared documents ensures that everyone working on the content for a project is working on the latest version and is able to see the changes made by other contributors.

If you have been invited to edit a Google Doc, you should have received an email link to the document.

If you have been given editing access to a document, feel free to modify the content of the document as needed. But if you want to turn on Google Docs review mode (if you are not already in it), change your mode to Suggesting in the upper right-hand corner of the page under the Share button.  

To leave a comment about a section of your document, highlight the pertinent area, and click the speech bubble icon to the right of the highlighted text. 

Type your comment into the box that appears in the margin. Other users can reply on these comment cards until they are resolved. 

You can create a comment in Editing or Suggesting mode.

If you are in Suggesting mode, you can suggest content to be deleted by selecting it and hitting [Backspace]/[Delete], or to be replaced by just typing over the selected text. You can also place your cursor in between a text and make suggestions of text to add.

Each user’s suggestions will be in a color assigned to them and displayed at the top of the page.  Each suggestion will create a box in the right margin that shows who made the suggestion and what change was suggested. These boxes can host conversations. Click on it, and type something into the Reply area to weigh in on the suggested edits.

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