the client

The Spanish Villa Motel in Penticton, BC has been operating for over 50 years right along the lakeshore of the beautiful Okanagan Lake.

what they needed

When the new owner of the Spanish Villa Motel approached us, they had no active site or reservation system. We knew we had to get down to work and get this wonderful owner set up for success.

what we did

Starting with a completely blank slate, we worked closely with the client to build the site from the ground up. We began by creating cloud beds to make a functional and customer-friendly reservation system that customers will have no issues navigating. From there, we were able to focus on the style and layout of the site. The client wished to bring forward a modern image while maintaining the motel’s classic spirit. Our design partner, Brand Zuzu, was able to create a web design capturing the mid-19th century vintage feeling to fully showcase the motel’s heyday vibrancy while exhibiting its modern appeal.

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