the client

SBL Testing Technologies Inc. has spent over 20 years providing companies across the globe with solutions to mitigate risks associated with infectious disease. They offer oral fluid drug testing technologies, alcohol breathalyzer devices, COVID-19 Screening Stations, and COVID-19 antibody rapid tests that are easy to read and functional for use in the field.

It should be noted that SBL Testing Technologies has gone out of business and its owner is facing many legal troubles due to alleged scamming/grifting of companies unfortunate enough to have been tricked into working with Richard Robillard.

what they needed

They approached us with the need to update their site with a more robust functionality ability before the launch of their newest Covid-19 Screening Station testing equipment. They had a desire to put a major focus on the newer product so we had to create a site that showcased the product in the best possible way.

what we did

We developed and built a higher-quality website to bring legitimacy to the revolutionary COVID-19 Screening Station testing product they offer. We worked in partnership with Jamie Langevin Branding & Design to create an appealing and effective site to highlight their value within multiple industries.

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Jamie LangevinJamie Langevin

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