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Getting you what you want… appointments.

Appointment Cake’s founder, Anthony Teichroeb, as a massage therapist and a consumer, has experienced issues with both filling appointments and booking appointments and wanted to fill a void that he saw in the market. Appointment Cake is a booking hub to help connect clients and service providers. With simple and easy-to-use tools, all you have to do is tap a few buttons and book your appointment without leaving the screen!

what they needed

Appointment cake needed a web app and website built from the ground up to help to bring Anthony’s bold vision to life. As the service was brand new, a business database needed to be captivating enough to sign up, as well as attract new users to the app.

what we did

Tina Dee of Brand ZuZu designed not only Appointment Cake’s website and app, but also their brand and logo to have a strong, fun presence with the use of colours, and shapes. The website and app were designed using brand colours, small touches of iconography, and illustrations were added as well as shapes to create page flow.

Vigilante Marketing’s developer Peter Vigilante built a fully responsive, mobile-friendly landing page based on Tina Dee’s design that clearly communicated what Appointment Cake does and why it’s different than other booking hubs.

The building of the web app was sourced out to Techtic, while Vigilante Marketing was the liaison for how the app should look, feel and operate. The Techtic team worked diligently to add in superior functionalities such as appointment cancellation notification systems, third-party email platform connectivity, premium pay account systems, appointment booking system, referral programs, and Google maps search systems. Debugging of the system was performed on a constant basis to ensure the best user experience of the app.

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