Updated Google and Yahoo DMARC Requirements

Are You Receiving Email Reports from Yahoo or Google To Meet New DMARC Requirements? Don’t worry! Vigilante Marketing can provide you with the knowledge and guidance to be able to manage and adhere to these new policies.

New Email Requirements From Google & Yahoo

Starting in February 2024, Google and Yahoo have begun implementing email authentication measures to reduce the number of malicious emails, and further reduce the amount of low-value emails in users’ inboxes.

Gmail will require email authentication to be in place when sending messages to Gmail accounts. If you’re a bulk sender who sends more than 5,000 emails per day to Gmail accounts, you’ll have even more email authentication requirements to meet. You’ll also need to:  

  • Have a Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) policy in place 
  • Ensure Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) alignment
  • Make it easy for recipients to unsubscribe (one-click unsubscribe)
Updated Yahoo Google DMARC Requirements
Requirements for All Senders

Two measures have been put in place that are applicable to all senders, email authentication and ensuring low spam rates. Email authentication prevents threats from sending emails that appear to be from your organization, also known as domain spoofing. While the new spam requirement is 0.3%, meaning no more than 3 in 1000 delivered emails are marked as spam; exceeding this threshold could result in your emails being blocked upon delivery or immediately sent to a user’s spam folder.

Requirements for Bulk Senders

Companies and users that send to Gmail and Yahoo accounts must have SPF and DKIM authentication methods in place in order to prevent email spoofing and allow mailboxes to verify and authenticate messages. Companies of bulk senders must also have a DMARC policy in place, to provide domain-level protection of the email, with all messages passing the DMARC alignment. Lastly, bulk senders must include a clearly visible unsubscribe link in the message body that can be actioned within two days for any user who requests to unsubscribe. 

Learn More About Google’s Email Sender Guidelines Here

Additionally, Apple has updated its best practices guidelines with similar requirements it recommends bulk senders follow to ensure their emails are not automatically blocked. While Apple does not have any new DMARC policies in place, it is important to comply with its updated best practices in order to continue to communicate with its iCloud accounts.

Upcoming Dates

April 2024 – Google will begin rejecting non-compliant email traffic, and continuing to increase the amount of non-compliant traffic over time. 

June 2024 – Google’s deadline for bulk senders to implement one-click unsubscribe in all commercial and promotional messages sent to accounts. 

Not implementing email authentication would significantly impact the delivery of your emails to Gmail, Yahoo, and Apple iCloud accounts, limiting your ability to effectively communicate with your customers, leads, and even internal team members.

What Can I Do?

We can make sure that your emails are authenticated, and that bulk senders are in adherence with the new regulations for bulk senders to include one-click unsubscribe options. 

Don’t delay until your emails aren’t being delivered, take action to ensure there is no impact on your business.

Do you need assistance with getting your records updated? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Vigilante Marketing for help!

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