Benefits of a Link Shortener

Link shorteners are becoming increasingly popular with individuals and professionals through services such as Bitly, Tiny URL, and Vigilante Marketing’s own VigiLink. But do you know all the benefits of a link shortener? Link shorteners obviously can help shorten the link being used and limit the number of characters your link has, but they can also help track clicks and marketing campaigns while improving click-through rates. 

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Track Clicks

It’s essential to know that your audience is engaging with your content and your messaging, but if someone were to click on your link that hasn’t been shortened, how would you ever know? Link shorteners allow you to see the fine details of who clicked on your link, giving you a better understanding of your audience’s behaviors. By tracking clicks to understand what browser, platform, or even what city and country they came from, you can adjust your strategies to specialize the content users see and help create additional engagement from each link click. 

Improved Click Through Rates 

Every digital marketer wants to know how they can achieve better click-through rates for each of their campaigns, and one of the easiest ways to do so is by utilizing a link shortener. There are numerous reasons why this is the case, such as link shorteners being simply easier to remember for the end user, the shortened links being branded to promote specific marketing campaigns, and the fact that they can even help promote visibility through specific campaign-relevant keywords. A study completed by Rebrandly showed that using a link shortener helped to increase click-through rates by up to 39%! That is an incredible increase in engagement, especially for marketers looking to increase the traffic they get to their website or blog.

Easier to Remember & Share

Shortened links make it easier to share on social media, emails, texts, or any other digital medium due to the reduced number of characters used and their ability to be more easily remembered. Let’s look at the links below that both direct to one of Vigilante Marketing’s latest blogs and see which one is easier to remember, the one with 81 characters or the one with 15. 


The likelihood you would be able to remember the ending five characters of the shortened link is much higher, leading more people to come back to your link after a period of time. Making your links shorter makes them easier to remember, which makes them easier to share, and creates a better user experience overall.  


Link shorteners offer many benefits, including their easier ability to remember & share, improved click-through rates leading to better results for your marketing campaigns, and the ability to track clicks and better understand your user’s behavior overall. While there are many short link providers out there, only one has been developed by Vigilante Marketing and the marketers who understand how important one link can be. With VigiLink, you can sign up for a free plan to create up to 20 short monthly links. Visit to start improving your marketing campaigns today!

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