the client

RapidResult is a company that supplies Health Canada Authorized rapid antigen covid-19 testing kits to Canadian workplaces allowing them to rapid test their staff members—safeguarding the health of staff members and their family members while keeping companies operational.

what they needed

RapidResult was different than most companies we assist with, as they only came to us with a product and an idea. They needed assistance with a company name, brand identity, logo, website, and advertising, all within a strict deadline for the business’s launch.

what we did

The VM team quickly identified the goals, customer base, and visual representation for RapidResult. Content writers Christine Ginther and Katie Neudecker began by coming up with a company name that encompassed the brand goals and customer base and compiling and writing content that is scientifically accurate and easy to read.

Tina Raposo created a professional yet calming effect with carefully selected fonts and colours with the brand strategy in mind. She produced a polished geometrical logo and web design using the brand identity. RapidResult required an e-commerce website that outlined their products, as well as their instructional guides, to complete testing. Peter Vigilante developed the website from Tina Raposo’s design and made it functional and user-friendly.

As the testing kits that RapidResult carries are for use by businesses, they needed a way to confirm the kits were being sold for business use; Peter added a feature that requires users to input business information to complete the purchase and terms and conditions that encompassed this. Once the website was launched, pay-per-click ad specialist Katie Neudecker researched keywords that would receive sizeable achievement with valuable data to guarantee RapidResult reached its peak target customer base.

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