Important guidelines for Elementor Pro Plugin Users

This is very import tips for GPL themes and plugin users.

1.  After Purchasing Elementor Pro download and extract the zip file.

2. You will see two zip files, one is an ordinary Elementor plugin and the other one is Elementor pro. Now you have to install both of them.

3. If you have already installed the free version Elementor from WordPress plugin option then delete it first.

4. After installing both plugins from downloaded zip never use auto-update if you see the update in the plugin option.

5. You can update the latest version after downloading from our website it’s very easy just delete the old version and install the new version. your old settings and customization will be ok.

6. Remember if you use the auto-update of the free version from the plugin menu your pro version will not work properly. then you have to delete the free version and install it from our Zip file.

7. You must install free version of the plugin from your download zip to and then your pro function will work properly.

Thanks for being with us.


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